Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Wakka Wakka art from Australia

mini-irises in bloom
crocuses of many colors
glass flower to be put outside
Currently my right breast is covered with black dots (that didn't wash off) and long, pink jaggedly stickers that look like railroad tracks covering my incision scars. This whole week I've been telling myself it's only scar tissue....but then the whispers..but what if it came back....
So between my negative thoughts and a very loud thunderstorm that roared through in the middle of the night, I didn't get much sleep.
I gave myself 40 minutes to go the 8 miles to the hospital. It took 20 minutes alone just to go 1.5 miles. Yep it was rush hour made worst by part of the freeway shutting down. During my bike ride yesterday, traffic was still backed up 2 hours later. I whizzed by those cars on the shoulder with my bike. I was already frazzled  when I got there.
Going into the Cancer Center gives me bad memories. New feature: a poster on how to put on those gowns. I never can do it right. If I ever go back again, I will bring clothes pins to keep the ends together. I carefully followed the directions but noticed one of the crucial ties was missing. I tried to get another gown but they were locked up.
I had the same tech as 2 weeks ago. I said that the scar tissue from my recent surgery probably made the mammogram look different. She thought all my surgery was on the left side, which looked fine. Nope, I had work on both sides. I wrote this all over the place plus it's in my records. Before taking any scans, she went to the radiologist with this 'new' information. Why can't I talk to the radiologist directly? I thought I would be spared further scans but no such luck. Then more waiting, then even more scans at high magnification with me becoming increasingly upset. I think I had 8 scans today. But the bottom line, I was cleared. I had been so frazzled, I forgot which locker I had put my clothes in.
Nearby is my favorite resale shop. See Aboriginal art above. Then a visit to a good friend. Then a run through the blustery winds. At least it was warm which it won't be for the next few days.
So glad this is over.
Battling with insurance over my teeth still in progress. I will get the work done tomorrow regardless as the teeth hurt.


Elephant's Child said...

I am so pleased you got the all clear. And ballistic with rage that you had to go through all that to get it.
Good luck with both your teeth and the insurance.
Don't know Wakka Wakka art. Which part of Oz?

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Arthur Conlon is from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Teri Bernstein said...

Your teeth???
Glad to hear the scans were clear. Whew.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Hi Teri. I smashed my face in a fall 6 weeks ago in California. My lip was split and I broke 2 teeth along with other contusions. Yep I was quite the sight.


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