Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Dreaded callback

I think I'll wear the sad one today
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Ugh! I thought I had made it. I was told to expect a call within 2 days if they needed more mammograms. I had the original Thursday. By the end of the working day yesterday, no call so Yay!!!! One less thing to worry about for a year. But while I was trying to vote today, the call came. I have to wait more than a week for the new scans plus bonus, I have to go to the hospital. Plus, I am entitled to one free screening mammogram a year but once it converts to a diagnostic mammogram, I have to pay for every subsequent scan plus the first one.
So as I keep telling myself, the mammogram looks different because of my surgery and things haven't fully healed. And maybe  I have more calcifications because of the surgery and once they realize this, I will be given a clean bill of health.
Or maybe the cancer came back and the tissue they had biopsied wasn't the cancerous tissue.
It makes me sick. My heart sank when I saw the phone number.
And if life isn't fun enough, my health insurance hadn't as promised given my dentist the go ahead to fix my teeth. More phone calls. The new person said she  would 'escalate' my request as it has been so long. She called back saying she would need my dentist's tax ID number and a few other personal things that of course I didn't have. The insurance expert at the dentists agreed to call a number (turned out to be the wrong one) and provide them with this info. But then they told my dentist's office, my injury would not be covered unless it is life threatening. Did I come to the office unconscious? More phone calls: I got two more people at my insurance insist my dental bill will be covered, I had got the supervisor involved but my out of network dentist still needs approval. I think I will need to call them daily. I didn't cancel my dental appointment as my teeth are hurting and I was told the approval would have come last week.
But it is spring! 72 rock and roll degrees. I watched Tessa and Daniel play outside this morning. In the afternoon, a 14 mile bike ride in shorts!short sleeves!. Heads of daffodils, irises, and croci are peaking through the dirt. A chipmunk came out of hibernation. Birds are singing!


Elephant's Child said...

I am so sorry. I hope the medical/insurance mayhem can be resolved quickly.
And yay for spring. Summer is still hanging round here. Outstaying her welcome.

Anonymous said...

Sue, your instinct is mostly likely true, the prior mammogram looked one way and now it looks different due to surgery. Phone calls with insurance companies-ugh.
I hope you can get your teeth fixed soon! Dental pain can be the worse.

Caroline said...

I often get called back for mammograms because the scar tissue looked weird or they just needed more images. Deep breath. Worry about it if it really is a problem later. Enjoy now. And distract yourself by worrying about dental issues instead.


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