Monday, March 28, 2016

All our Easter eggs in one basket

The eggs before they were hidden in our back yard. Josh didn't think Steve did a good enough job so he rehid them but the girls had a hard enough time finding them in plain view. Since they enjoyed the hunt so much, we had another one after dinner with small foil eggs in the living room

Mixing of two cultures: Easter decorated chocolate babka. Steve and Josh are the rare chocolate haters.
Easter tree?
hugging after the hunt. Weather was very co-operative with temps near 70. Shanna's kids were in Florida

They actually fought over the right to sweep Grandma's sidewalk. Solution: two brooms
in our garage
Playing cars in front of their parents' cars
investigating lady bugs

Later after a wonderful sunny afternoon in which the girls could play comfortably outside while we sat watching them, a friend and I sat on my front porch drinking wine (when will I stop?) as the sun sat watching a storm roll in with a very impressive lightning display.
A fun day starting with temps in the 30s, OK to run the longest yet after all of my medical challenges. Then as it warmed up, bicycling. As we had less scheduling obstacles, dinner later than our usual brunch time as Julie's parents were elsewhere, Shanna was gone, and Naomi had a day off. Extra bonus,: Naomi stayed off her phone for the visit.
Later while lightning flashed all around the house, a friend and I watched the Amy Winehouse documentary. So sad that such a wonderful voice is lost. Her money grubbing father kept pushing and pushing not wanting to give her a second's rest lest he passed up on an opportunity. Meanwhile he had deserted the family early on only to come back when he smelt money.

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Elephant's Child said...

It looks like a wonderful day.
I am wondering whether the desire to sweep your path will last... I suspect not.


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