Monday, June 1, 2015

Open House

Mystery tree

doggy succulent holder
Too cold to keep the hibiscus out at night

More garage sale art. Bought cheap as it was quite dirty but it cleaned up nicely and the colors match our room

Our open house happened during  a heavy downpour. It had rained all night and all morning too. Could the sump pump keep up with it all?There were puddles surrounding the house but the house was dry. Our agent sent a replacement to handle the open house. Turns out he wasn't too interested in selling the house. Shanna came to spy and asked if she should take her shoes off. I don't see how that would matter. Ummm..we have hardwood floors? Maybe wet, muddy shoes wouldn't be the best for them. Worse, as another couple started to go downstairs, he warned them of the hideous wallpaper in the bathroom.
Suffice it to say, I told our realtor of his unprofessionalism. I am not too happy with her either. And the house remains unsold despite this being the best sellers' market ever.
And no long bike ride for me either. I did go out late afternoon because the radar showed some clearing only to be stuck in a downpour 5 miles from home underdressed in very strong winds. Are we having fun yet?
Did a lot of little, unexciting things. Planted things, hung up things, fed birds, found photos to put in picture frames, saw some friends, replaced the battery (it lasted 8 years)of the dead car.
In 2 days, our house will be filled with relatives. Must get food for them.


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