Thursday, June 4, 2015


Dinner on the patio

Maya getting a piggyback ride
Allie and Tessa getting a bicycle ride
Went to the Farmer's Market early for cut flowers

I awoke bright and early to go to the Farmer's Market before traffic started. Bonus: free parking. Aside from the cut flowers I came for, more baskets and a few potted plants to decorate my waterfall area. Then a bike ride after I finished planting flowers, then a stop at a nursery for more annuals where I learned my mystery tree was a flamingo dapple willow as they had lots of baby ones on sale, then to Shanna's to watch the kids, then home. Meanwhile Steve was at the airport to pick up his brother and sister who arrived within minutes of each other from separate coasts but were at terminals a mile apart. Josh and Shanna came with their children and later Maya and Naomi and Ramy so we had a full house. Fortunately it was a nice day so we could eat outside. It was fun seeing the kids interact. Today we headed to downtown Plymouth for an Italian house. Later, my SIL arrives.

today at lunch

more vegetation around the waterfall Will get water lilies and maybe some floating solar lights

new patio hydrangea Might survive the winter if in a protected area

new alstibe

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Elephant's Child said...

Busy, busy, busy.
Love Maya's smile.


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