Saturday, June 13, 2015

Other people's photos

From my father: me (5) and my brother (1)

me (6) in Florida

Selfie of Naomi and Maya

Seventeen magazine 12 years ago of my cousin's daughter in an article about ethnic diversity. She has a Filipino mother. The father's side is the same as my mother's (German and Polish). She is now an actress in California 

Shanna's photo of her kids on their last day of school

Google Earth  photo of our first house. Wasn't so jungle like when we lived their 35 years ago

Steve's photo of a peony

My niece in Turkey

Niece's photo of a Turkish door
From Steve: the blue jay can't eat at the feeder without the two barn swallows swooping down upon him. He took shelter in the tree where the attacks continues. He is cawing here. The swallow is blurry as it is flying very fast

Turkish village: Sirince. The virgin Mary allegedly ascended to Heaven here. Some apocalyptic event is to occur there soon increasing  the number of tourists 
A present from my former boss. Chemist by day; photographer the rest of the time. He had shows around the country. Of course he bumped into my father who regarded him as too artsy-fartsy. My father catered to commercial enterprises.

 A cool day, good for running and bicycling. A heavy rain in the middle of the night meant no watering. We stopped by the old house to deal with some weeds that all this rain has encouraged before our open house. We are now the only house for sale in the neighborhood. We feel rejected. No word on how the open house went. There wasn't much notice and usually they are held on a Sunday. Then we visited Shanna briefly.



Elephant's Child said...

Love those photos.
I would love to see Turkey. Some day... Perhaps.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I would too, especially the North east corner Cappadocia. My niece seems to be south around the village Sirince. Between her and her twin, they seem to be covering the world. Both are excellent photographers.


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