Friday, June 26, 2015

Unter den Linden

Ceramic heads that will look so cute on my wall. Steve just sighs

didn't notice the crack in one of the candlestick holders until I looked at this photo Oh well, it was 50 cents. Will put in my green and purple room
Paperweight teapot, also 50 cents
I have fortified the edge of my fence with bricks to protect the remaining chard and kale. Kale is in the middle of the photo; brussel sprouts to the left
Ms. Maya

pink lilies


ceramic switchplate that will look so cool in my flower room once I find some nylon screws

Summer is such a delight for all the senses. In a neighborhood that I bike through, the streets are lined with linden trees, which are in full flower. The aroma is so wonderful. Sweet peas and crown vetch line the ditches, also are quite fragrant, Fireflies  twinkle at night now. I can hear the bullfrogs in their ponds.
Yesterday my calves were massaged with avocado during my mani-pedi. My legs are so smooth now. The salon is in a mainly South Indian strip mall. I haven't had the courage to try Curry on a Pizza but I ate at the South Indian 'street food' place with its very extensive confusing menu. I opted for 'thali' which is an assortment of different curries, breads and rice. I topped it off with homemade ginger ice cream. Then I stopped at the Indian grocery where I was the only white person in a very crowded store. I brought back some saffron/ pistachio ice cream, yummy, and some Indian sweets which seem to be sweetened condensed milk with various nuts added. But I am a sucker for sweetened condensed milk.
Later I went with a friend to the Italian store to have a dinner there comprised of various salads and vegetables. My favorite was grilled squash with balsamic vinegar. Then beer on the porch as the sun set and the fireflies came out.
In between runs and bike rides (it has been perfect for both, nice and cool) I went to various garage sales. Best buy: 3 shepherd hooks for $5. The store down the street sells them for $80  a piece, which is ridiculous. I also got some picture frames and another talking puzzle for the very little ones.

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