Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunny Sunday

very early morning sun. It was dark and cloudy when I started my 30+ mile bike ride but then the sun came out after the torrential rains of yesterday

A very pretty farm I go by
plantings around the pond very lush
especially the tuberous begonias
went for a picnic lunch at a near by park. They have a splash pad that Allie wanted to play in but it was a bit chilly for that

The rains and wind caused so many of my things to be knocked down. Back at the old house, my patio was fairly enclosed so the wind rarely caused any damage. We returned from dinner to find  the gourd containing the wrens was knocked down again.. The string my friend threaded through the gourd rotted away. As it was pouring rain, I brought the nest inside while I thought of a plan. Where are my pipe cleaners? Where was our collection of wires? Gone, baby, gone. They would have helped. Steve was afraid the babies would start flying all over the house but they were very still and quiet. I knew they were alive because I heard them peeping before I picked up the gourd. I fashioned a hangar that I could thread through the gourd made of twisted Christmas tree ornament holders and rehung the gourd in the gale force winds. I kept looking out the window hoping the mom would not have given up on them. Early the next morning, all was fine. Mom and dad kept visiting the gourd and I could hear their peeping again.
We finally received a compliment on the house from our latest visitors. Still no offer but at least there was no whining about how much work needs to be done. Everything is in working order and has new fixtures. They mean they want granite countertops.
It was dark and cloudy and cold when I got up to do my long bike ride this morning. Should I go? Chance of rain: 20%. Also there was a sizeable north wind again, tough for my long uphill fairly early on. But then it became sunny and the wind finally was behind me. I have now gone more than 600 miles this season, 30 something today..still less than half of our long day, which will be uphill and probably against the wind. But I have all day to do it. Today I was finished by nine. The sun came out and it was quite beautiful. Out to a picnic with Josh and Allie shortly after I cleaned myself up after the ride. She had been sick all weekend but was finally feeling better.
Under the shade of my front service berry tree, I have numerous plants that look like astilbe except they never seem to grow flowers. I finally decided that they were weeds and got rid of them all today. I did buy a nice astilbe for the side of the house that probably is too sunny for it.
I am tired. I will relax for a while..maybe watch Gone Girl.

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Elephant's Child said...

I am not surprised you are tired. Just reading about your busy life leaves me exhausted.
I haven't seen Gone Girl, but loathed both major protagonists when I read the book.


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