Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rain, rain....go away

One of the garage sale frames with Ms. Allie

Mounted my fancy ceramic switch plate in the flower room

mounted heads in the hallway
brought in one of my fancy daylilies
Took this yesterday while we still had good weather
It has been raining non-stop since about 2 am. Also there are strong winds so I took down some of my baskets as they are so heavy saturated with the rain. There was a brief period this morning in which it was only drizzling so I ran but bicycling is out of the question.

We need to replace a wood landing due to water damage at the old house. Still we have non-stop viewings but no offers. So puzzling. Maybe I forget the pain, but when we sold the last house 32 years ago, I swear it took only a week or so. As we were living in the house with 2 young children, I don't remember having to vacate that many times. I think we had one viewing and one offer; that's all it took.

The man who has been doing our work has a brother in the hospital and a girlfriend, my friend, with leukemia who will need to do a bone marrow transplant soon. What an arduous process! She has a sibling but there is only a 20% chance he will be a match. Children and parents have a much smaller chance of being a match. It will take 4 weeks to destroy her bone marrow and another 4 to replace it and let it grow such that she can function again. She will be very weak and vulnerable to infections. There are 10 factors that have to match. What are the odds someone would match ? impossible to calculate when I don't know the incidence of each of the factors. I know I share 2 of her factors so I should register with Be a Match. I stopped donating blood after I needed a transfusion after Shanna's birth. They could not test for HIV and HepC then (or probably HepB). As it has been almost 36 years now and no sign of those diseases, I guess I am safe. Not sure about the cancer factor. Estrogen breast cancer patients can have circulating cancer cells for about 15 years; not likely for triple negative patients as it is so aggressive, it will have raised its ugly head by now.

So a boring, low key day. We will go out to dinner to break up the monotony. Yep I have plenty to do. I did match lots of pictures with frames, hung up some stuff, and even weeded a bit.

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