Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mystery Carelli paintings

Worth $5000 Painted by someone named Carelli Are the bottom two paintings by the same guy? I recognize the scene: Bay of Naples.

according to an appraiser, worthless

more of the same
The bottom 2 paintings I inherited from my step-grandmother 5 years ago and I posted something about it then. From the back, the paintings were purchased at Bullocks of Pasadena, CA. Bullocks is or was a small chain of upscale department stores in the LA area. The Pasadena branch is an architectural marvel built in 1944 in the style of 'streamline modern art deco' which I am guessing is towards the end of the art deco movement. Today it is a Macy's.
My grandparents travelled around the country collecting antiques to fill their fancy house in Barton Hills. These paintings were just a small part of their collection. They mostly concentrated on furniture. A few years back, as a fund raiser, one could bring an item to be appraised for $10 at a local museum. I have no idea on this man's credentials. He said the frame might be worth $150 but the painting was done by an amateur who didn't get the shadows right.
I did look on the internet only to find that Carelli is a very common name especially among painters. I couldn't find anything that matched.
Yesterday on my blog, I got a message from a woman living outside of Chicago saying she has some paintings probably by the same Carelli and could I please send her some close-up photos. She thinks it's the same as her Carellis and mine are NOT done by amateurs. The only amateur was the appraiser. She has inherited alot of art and is learning so much that she will get a certificate in fine arts appraising. Small world phenomena: she went to UM but is 15 years younger.
A nice day. More running and biking. And I made even more container gardens with discount flowers. Photos after they fill in a bit.


Elephant's Child said...

Amateur appraisers are a scary lot. I wonder how many valuable items have been thrown away...

Chenz66 said...


Did she tell you the Full name of the artist?

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

There is no full name known


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