Thursday, June 18, 2015

Accidents will happen

Maya this morning in front of the vacation Bible school
From my niece: Pamukkale (meaning cotton castle) Turkey, a series of carbonate pools

My own waterfall these days
local mushroom houses from one of my bike rides

As I was pulling out of a parking space after a dentist visit, crash.  I was already in the parking lot but  an elderly woman backed into me.
You are going to have to pay for this! Look at my bumper! bumped into me. Your back bumper hit my side. I was in the parking lot already.
Are you calling me a liar?
I am calling you confused to what happened. 
You came out of no where. You weren't there when I started to back out (who knows how long ago).
That's why you have to look more than once. (especially when it takes you so long to back out, a lot can happen)
There was no use arguing with her. It appeared her damage was there before  she hit my car. I took photos of the situation, her bumper and my side. As the insurance agent said, it is hard to hit someone with the side of your car. I gave her all my info to calm her down. She left thanking me for 'being nice'. I told the claims department to call me if she ever gets around to calling them as I have photographic evidence that she was at fault. The damage to my car is minimal (much less than when Steve bumped the car backing out of our own garage(!!!) 2 weeks ago.
But it was the cherry on top of a shit sundae. Already I was in a bad mood. No one wants our house (the woman who was going to make an offer decided the street was too busy); some sad family situations had arisen. I had been feeling rejected and sad.
No matter. Wednesday we got up bright and early to go to the Farmer's Market yet again to replace the rabbit damage. She ate 7 of the 8 rainbow chard plants and started in on the kale (I'm with you rabbit, I prefer chard to kale). No rainbow chard to be had but I did find some plain chard plants. I also bought more herbs: dill, cilantro, spearmint and Thai basil. Most of the vegetables are under chicken mesh now (the rhubarb and some of the tomatoes will have to be unprotected. Then off to the old house for Steve to trim the bushes (things are growing out of control with all the rain) while I weeded, a sisyphean task. Then to plant the herbs and vegetables and some plants rescued from the old house, then a long bike ride (did my 500th mile this season, woo-hoo!) Then to Josh's house for dinner with him and Allie.

Today we have 2 viewings of the house, one is a second visit. Please let something happen here.


Elephant's Child said...

Fingers and toes crossed.
My smaller portion went to Pamukkale - and loved it. We have some very similar photos here.
Sigh on the carpark dingle front...

Teri Bernstein said...

You have really made that waterfall look gorgeous!


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