Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Russian Afternoon

Later a Happy Hour at a New Orleans themed place with most of the Moms  In New Orleans, there is a famous corn cob fence which I thought this was but looking closer, it appears to be cattails

flowers finally growing in my vases

I planted sedums (sedia?) in my clay village

Early this morning, a pedestrian stepped in front of a gravel hauler on the freeway near us. I heard multiple sirens as I drank my coffee. All the freeway traffic was diverted to the road near my house such that it was very difficult to cross the road. It was not clear if this was done on purpose but sad nonetheless.
Back to pretty weather. Pleasant to run and bicycle in and in the afternoon, sit outside at Steve's ex-colleague's place with his wife helping them plan their Italian vacation. They are Russian émigrés. We drank from fancy Russian porcelain. Their house was beautifully decorated with original art work. An interesting time.
Then to Happy Hour snacking on shrimp cakes and calamari.
The back of our house has many large windows. Good for watching our birds but the downside is that they often fly into the windows. Usually they are clumsy, slow moving sparrows but yesterday during a fight between hummingbirds, one flew at a high rate of speed and clunk! I know that many people put hawk decals to keep the birds away from the windows but it would probably keep them away from the feeders too. More service berries are ripening attracting the wax wings. I want to have at least one good photo. Last night found me standing in the bathtub focusing on one but I was too slow, it flew off. I did take a photo of my chubby little wrens. They don't come to the feeder but live in the gourd hanging in that tree and sing so nicely.
Tomorrow Steve's relatives arrive from separate coasts. Should be a fun time with lots of family over the next few days. Finally have enough room  for all to be comfortable.

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Elephant's Child said...

We know cattails as bulrushes. Love that fence though.
Good luck with the family.


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