Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A nest of bunnies

The raised bed I weeded to plant vegetables Pile of weeds cover up the rabbits

more flowers for the fountain
the rock garden today back at the old house

service berries, yum

The tree was crawling with these last night

Maya and Candy, the Maltestie (Westie//Maltese hybrid)
This morning, I dragged a thick three pronged tool through the dirt to loosen up the weed roots to plant my vegetables. I hit something soft: a baby bunny. Underneath the weeds was a nest of 4 bunnies the size of hamsters. Their eyes aren't even open. Now this is a raised bed presumably to keep rabbits out though I have seen the rabbit in there nibbling on the weeds. Little did I know the weeds contained rabbits. I've been told that babies are only fed once a day. I covered them up with the loose weeds so they wouldn't be exposed. Hopefully Mom finds them. Yes I don't want any more rabbits around especially amidst my vegetables..mixed feelings.

A busy day starting with an early morning trip to the Farmer's Market for the vegetables and yes I know I have enough, flowers, then planting them. 32 vegetable plants among the two rhubarb I had planted earlier. And some sort of vegetable reseeded though it could be a weed for all I know. I went for a bike ride through strong winds that got worst throughout the day. Today it hit 90, not a good day to plant things though we found the sprinkler head that keeps the garden moist. I especially felt hot in the afternoon when we made a trip to the old house for Steve to mow the lawn and for me to weed and transplant some of the plants to our new house. The heat made them and me wilt quickly.

After cleaning up, time for my monthly cooking for survivorship. A woman Naomi's age was there having cancer when she was 19 and then a recurrence 2 years later.  She went through hell including a 13 month hospital stay for rejecting the bone marrow she received. Cancer sucks..more tomorrow.

At night we watch the cedar waxwings near our bedroom window. Between Steve and me, we took 30 photos last night. They are beautiful birds.

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Elephant's Child said...

The waxwings are beautiful.
Rabbits? I am ambivalent at best.
And yes, cancer does indeed suck.


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