Saturday, May 30, 2015

My personal waterfall

our new chaise
Julie recently had professional photos done: Ms. Allie
My handsome  son and  his daughter
The family

Back to the old house today to clean up the gardens for our big open house tomorrow
waterfall and pond. Need to pretty it up a bit by planting flowers in upper planter and buying water lilies

I finally took the tarp off the pond to see what I have: gallons of fetid, brown water. A gemisch of decaying vegetation, worms and leeches. It smelled so bad as I ladled it out with a 5 gallon bucket and then scrubbed it clean before adding fresh water. We need to do some adjustments with the hose as too much is spraying out of the bubbler and not enough going over the waterfall.
Here's a first: Naomi was finally able to pay rent for the first time since Don'tae moved out. Yay!
After 10 viewings, still no offers. Meanwhile other homes are attracting bidding wars. Tomorrow is the big Open House. Hope something happens then. We went back today for some last minute tidying up of the yard  before an unforecasted downpour stopped that. Hopefully it won't rain during the open house but sadly it is forecasted.
I have been both running and biking in the heat. I seem to be very busy taking care of things that didn't get done while I was gone. We did have time to go shopping for a chaise. Unfortunately our larger car's battery died and we couldn't fit in the tiny car. Shanna came to the rescue. Still have to  deal with the immobile car. We did go out to dinner with Josh and Allie last night and then a trip to the playground. She is now putting words together.

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Elephant's Child said...

Good luck.
Love those pinks - and am sure that they smell amazing.


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