Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lifting up the girls

Find the rainbow

chestnut blossoms look very pretty


Lots of irises
There's an app for that. When someone wants to see our house, my phone pings. So far, three viewings; two of which overlap. Back to the house today to make sure everything was clean enough for the first viewing.

So let's say you are a painter and want to wash your brushes out. Do you wash them in the brand new kitchen sink or do you trudge down 7 stairs to a beat-up utility sink? That would be extra work so you splatter paint all over the new sink of course. Cleaning this up was part of today's fun. Fortunately it is easy to remove paint from stainless steel but I was mad that I had to do it. Hate the painters. I assume it was the old geezer we fired but the 'professional' ones made messes too.

I am done for now with cleaning things up. I finally had time to get my nails done and I want them to look good for the wedding. I am sitting here in the fancy dress I got for the wedding. It has a halter top so none of my bras were going to work. After much going back and forth, I choose a halter bra versus a strapless one that I was afraid would get exhausted hoisting up my one big breast but I wasn't sure that the straps still wouldn't show so I kept all the tags. I have a small window of time tomorrow that I could go exchange it for the perilous strapless number. Steve has been out mowing the lawn for 6 hours and couldn't help zip the dress up. I got it half way up and closed the rest with clothes pins but I don't think I can get it off by myself. Soon he will have to come in.

The temperature dropped almost 30 degrees between yesterday morning and today. Very nice for running. I ran by a curled ball of fur assuming it was roadkill.  When it sensed me, it came towards me than away from me. Rule of thumb: if you see a raccoon in broad daylight, something is wrong. Fortunately it was slowly lumbering.

Steve is done. Yep we bit off way more than we can chew.

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Elephant's Child said...

Nearly there now.
And what is it about tradies and cleaning up after themselves...
Love those garden shots - and the rainbow.


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