Sunday, May 24, 2015

The cries of the coyote

Yesterday after an early run and a wonderful fluffy bacon scone, I left the tidy pretty flatlands of Santa Monica to pick up a friend at the extremely chaotic airport.  Instead of heading immediately to the freeway to whisk us to the hills, we took the Pacific Coast highway through Malibu admiring the opulence and we are not in Michigan vegetation before heading up, up the Santa Monica Mountains and through numerous canyons lined with flowering yucca. We stopped at a western themed place in a canyon bottom full of wood carvings and members of the Seven Skulls motorcycle gang.
We are here for a wedding of a son of one of the Moms. It has been so fun watching them grow. There are just 5 of us left down from 8 though I am in contact with 2 of the left ones. everyone had a son in the summer of 1979 except me who had Shanna. We are in Agoura Hills in a big hotel flush against dry grassy hills. The wild is just out there as evidenced by the coyotes waking us up at night. There are fire pits, a pool and a hot tub. lots of excitement all around. we had a great dinner last night at an outdoor restaurant and then had a fire pit wine session. Everyone was still on Michigan time though with 3 days under my belt I am adjusting. after my run this morning, 4 of us went to a gourmet bakery as hotel food is usually gross and expensive. We then bought supplies for a poolside picnic lunch. later this afternoon. We will be bussed 20 minutes away to the wedding venue full of gardens and peacocks.   fun

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Elephant's Child said...

It sounds as if you are having a fine time - which is wonderful.


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