Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day!

Closed blossoms of some sort in early morning sun. I am thinking dogwood. Since today will be warm, I will find out later

Bought this clay village years ago at an art fair. It has 3 places to insert plants. Will make a fairy garden, a new trend, once the threat of frost is over

Many tulips will open later today
Always wanted an azalea and now I have one and possibly another
In the non-stop drizzle of yesterday, I am running towards home on the shoulder of the busy road about a half mile from home.  A string of 4 cars pass me headed in the same direction followed by a car that looks very much like Naomi's who is hell-bent on passing the 4 cars around a blind curve. Am I going to witness my daughter's death? And a UPS truck is coming in the opposite direction. There is no space for the Naomi car to get back into the tightly spaced string. I close my eyes but do not hear the crash.  The UPS truck had swerved into the shoulder to avoid the head-on collision. If I hadn't dawdled an extra five minutes at the fancy pants garden store near me, it would have swerved into me.

Was it Naomi? She drives a very common car with a common color plus it was headed in the wrong direction. It did not turn into our sub. But I was furious in case it was her. I called her as soon as I returned. She hadn't left her place. Earlier that day, we had to deal with an appliance crisis at her place. More $$$$$. So much fun dealing with 3 properties.

The forecast just 2 days ago said there was a 20% chance of rain but it rained all night and then drizzled most of the day. My dirt roads would have been too slippery to run on thus I was on pavement with cars whizzing by. I did stop at the fancy garden store to see what they have. Fairy garden supplies and now gypsy garden supplies along with many birdbaths. I walked among the perennials hoping to spot my mystery flower. No dice. A friend showed my photo to 2 different garden centers and drew a blank. I sent a text to my sister-in-law, a garden expert via my brother but apparently he does not do texts.

But today is beautiful and more things will blossom. My transplanted peony, after 2 years of abuse being in crummy soil on the north side of the house shaded by encroaching hostas, already has grown a few inches since Tuesday. The transplanted tulips are struggling though but I have lots of clumps of them. Time is slipping by all too fast. So many things need to be done. Steve dealt with the painters yesterday. They couldn't finish as anticipated. Meanwhile, I did nothing useful here though I did register for my annual bike ride. They changed the schedule to our benefit as it turned out so yay for that. Now my friend can be with me. Later today, Josh comes to help Steve with our riding mower. I will be with Shanna's kids. 


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