Saturday, May 9, 2015

Avant moi, le deluge

Yep, I went back to the rummage sale. Interesting pricing: all based on size. This nicely carved wood frame set me back 50 cents. I was about to buy a cheap looking poster holder. I think they wanted $5. No to that. Photo is of my deceased orchid. Apparently they don't winter well. Looks good in my gold floral room.

Finally Mrs. Oriole did not bolt when she saw me with the camera. She likes the orange. Mr. Oriole likes the grape jelly. There is nectar for them to drink too but I haven't witnessed them drinking it.

Even though these frames were roughly the size of the 50 cent ones, I had to pay $2 a piece because they contained 'art'. Looks good in the gold room. Also bought some nicely matted and framed Monet prints for one of the bathrooms.

Lilacs starting to bloom. Smells so nice

Exterior of old home finally done except for a door replacement. Back to its original pale almond color instead of this hideous yellow color that Steve had selected for the last painting. This time: I selected the colors. Rain started 4 hours after they finished but it was hot and windy. Hopefully all was dry.
A torpid afternoon with temps near 90. Fortunately it had been much cooler when I biked and ran but too hot to plant flowers as I had planned. I fretted that back at the old house that the flowers would bake. Since he was there, could Steve possibly water them? No to that. It was going to rain later. He fretted that the rain would come too soon for the paint to dry though I think the paint is fast drying.

Meanwhile, my friend had planned to bbq swordfish outside and feed us moms on her deck. We made it through wine spritzers and appetizers before the deluge beating a hasty retreat when the lightning started. But a nice night with friends.

There is to be rain all weekend though I notice a small window of rainlessness on the radar this morning. I had squirrelled up cosmos, cleome and zinnia seeds last fall plus I bought some annuals to fill some of my decorative pots.

Tonight, Mother's Day Eve dinner for me. Shanna and Julie can be treated by their spouses tomorrow.

Then the real deluge: getting ready to sell. Annoyingly, the inside painting is NOT done making it useless to do much cleaning. Outside needs some bush trimming. All this should be done this week.


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