Thursday, May 14, 2015


rock garden back at old house: forget-me-nots in foreground. Primroses, bugleweed and various creeping phlox in bloom. Spent time weeding out grass and excess snow in summer.

Too bright: sun went away later

My alternate bird watching site: new hummingbird feeder that the birds already found. Goldfinches have been using the seed sack for some time. Today, the chipmunk discovered it. I put foil on the bottom so he wouldn't eat a hole through it there.

I am up to 3 hummingbirds: yay! A female finally showed up.

Dealing with the old house is sucking lots of enjoyment from my life. So much to clean! I didn't know where to start. The kitchen is done, except for the floor. Living room done. I tackled the long neglected lower level, the worst being the laundry room which had a work bench. The area rarely was cleaned. I scrubbed and scrubbed for 6 hours. Most of the dirtiest areas are gone now. The realtor comes Monday so we have 3 days to make things right.

Steve stayed back and tried to make our yard comply with the absurd regulations. He said he was mowing for 6 hours.

And there was a frost last night despite no warning. Somehow my impatiens survived but they are close to the house. The hibiscus was already inside.

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Elephant's Child said...

Good luck.
Glad to hear that the hummingbirds have found you.


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