Friday, May 8, 2015

A Room in Brooklyn

My rummage sale poster without some of the glare of yesterday's though the woman is still obscured

The original as it hangs in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Not sure if it was converted to a lithograph and then printed in different colors or what. The new colors match my room...

flower basket in early morning light

Watched Tess and Oliver for a while. Will publish Oliver's photo later as he is holding a surprise for his mom

More early morning flowers They open once they are in the sun for a while

Turns out I was wrong in thinking the poster was some sort of late impressionist work by about 30 years: it is Edward Hopper's social realism piece A Room in Brooklyn. He is most famous for one of my favorite works: Nighthawks.

Steve figured it out by googling 'woman looking out a window painting' and got many hits. Amidst the Andrew Wyeth examples was our poster in a different color. Do we have a lithograph? Our elaborately framed art work was purchased at an art gallery at least 20 years ago (I can tell by the old area code listed on the back).  Also when we were trying to figure out what we were charged for things when I later considered that the overall tab was low, I think she forgot to include the price for this.

Last summer, Soulmate and I went to an Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the National Gallery in DC. Every single painting featured a window. Did Microsoft sponsor the exhibit?

Anyway, we are thrilled with our find and it does look good where we hung it.

The warmth of yesterday (and today) is wrecking my blooms though now crab apples and lilacs are blooming . I was able to run and bike before it became too hot. Exterior painting still not finished and it might rain today. I watched some of the grandkids while Shanna took Daniel to kindergarten round-up. I spend lots of time feeding those birds. Mr. Oriole now prefers grape jelly to the orange slices. We thought we finally saw Mrs. Oriole but she disappeared before we could photo ID her. Pesky the squirrel ran off with the seed cake that the grosbeaks loved. I should put it in a cage to slow the theft of it down. New bird: pine siskin, a kind of finch. We are up to 23 species.

Tonight Mom's night. I am making a new dessert. Hope it works out. Hope it doesn't rain today so painting can be finished and we can sit outside.


Elephant's Child said...

The symbolism of windows is used a lot in art but I don't think I have ever seen an entire exhibit which features them. Loved your quip about Microsoft...

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I once went to a Monet exhibit in which every one of his paintings was that of ice dams on the Seine.
Disappointed as I was hoping for water lilies.


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