Thursday, May 7, 2015

Rummage sale art

This was our most expensive purchase: a 30x30 painting that matches my guest bathroom perfectly

This embossed work of art is signed: the artist produces similar art unframed for $200. My cost $5. I was going to put it in one of the bathrooms but the blue clashed with the walls. Looks great in my floral room.

25 cent floral frame Looks good in floral room

I originally bought this just for the frame. This unsigned print matches my sage and purple room perfectly. I spent an hour going through an impressionist book to figure out the style. I assume it is a museum reproduction print
In this megachurch nearby, they were having a huge rummage sale. Maybe they would have a chaise for my den or maybe some cheap sweater for Maya for when she comes here underdressed. No good furniture except maybe a wicker set that I already have one of. Clothes were ratty and over priced. But then I was on a mission to buy a frame for my Snowy Owl . The cityscape frame would work perfectly but now I am attached to the print, which looks so good in one of my guest rooms. The top two frames, I bought for the art work itself. original though I assume the top one was produced in one of those starving artist places.  Total: $24 which included 4 small frames and 2 books for Steve. Yep, he went with me. Usually he has a dim view of these things. I bought all the grandbaby toys from them and he would heavily sigh when I came back. Clutter. But he was getting in the spirit of it thinking he would unearth treasures ala Antique Road Show, which he adores. He is back there with a tape measure looking just for suitable frames.

First day over 80. Second day of painting at the house. There is a slight chance of rain later and then 3 days of rain. Our windows are open and the house is full of competing birdsong. The heat is causing more things to blossom Best time of the year.

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Elephant's Child said...

The tables are reversed here. Himself loves rummage sales and buys up big. I try and avoid them.
Love your purchases though.


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