Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Ms. Maya

Would you want to live next to this mosquito magnet. We didn't..will our buyers?

I don't do well under pressure. There's lots of things to be done before I leave and I am feeling overwhelmed so much so that I couldn't bring myself to do anything productive Monday.
Tuesday, I decide to tackle some of the things on my extensive to do list; first rent a car. Should be easy-peasy, right? Just need my Costco membership card...Where in the F is my wallet? Not in my purse..not anywhere that I looked. When did I see it last? Friday. Did I leave it at that church rummage sale? I rush to the church but no one would let me in..I was a crazed animal. While looking under my car seats, I badly bang my knee. I sat in the parking lot just screaming on the top of my lungs. No one could hear me. Why did we move? I WAS NOT READY.This new house is too much. We recently got a letter saying our lawn violates the neighborhood standards because one can see dried grass from our cuttings. We have no idea how to prevent that. I hate my new neighbors for sending that note.Then it occurred to me that I went to a nursery after the rummage sale. I waited impatiently for that to open. Meanwhile I used Steve's membership number to reserve my car. In a half hour, my rental increased $30. WTF. Back to the nursery. No wallet. I resigned myself that I was either pick-pocketed in the Plymouth town square or I dropped it while balancing a purse, big bags and the camera. There was an outside chance that it was at the restaurant but I never opened my purse. I went through the tedious process of cancelling credit cards, three. One I didn't know the number of. Steve had an on-line account he uses to pay the bills. When I tried to get into it, it asked me some security question: Who was my favorite manager? WTF!!!Steve doesn't remember answering that and wouldn't even try to give me a possible name. I hate security questions and hate even more when Steve answers for me because he is always wrong like who was my best friend in high school? Not who he thought it was (it was my friend I visited in Maryland last summer) I am so frantic and miserable. I wasn't even going to run that day as I planned to spend the whole day cleaning up the old house so we could put it on the market before I left. Instead I am on hold with credit card companies. Also I was going to have to get a new driver's license. Some rental car companies don't accept temporary licenses. Was I going to be able to rent a car? Do I have to cancel my trip? A friend was relying on me having a car. F@#$$! I decide to get the license some other day. No one used our credit cards that we could tell even though I hadn't seen my wallet in 4 days. Steve, bless him, never said anything about how stupid I was to lose my wallet. I hated myself for the both of us. Really bad timing. I have had my wallet stolen twice, once from a dorm room and once from a rental house (I didn't know I was living next to a halfway house). No credit cards in those days though I couldn't afford to lose the money that was in it. After a trip to the bank (my ATM card was missing), we go to the house to do our work, me scrubbing appliances; Steve trimming bushes. I assume the restaurant we ate at Saturday was finally opened and called. Yep they had my wallet before I even said who I was. Since I no longer had a landline, how could they contact me? Didn't I miss my wallet? I got it back. Steve asked, why didn't I call them first? I didn't even open my purse there, I didn't think it would be there, just hoping in desperation. So that makes life a little easier. Also making things easier, not having to watch Maya all night as I thought I had to so more time to scrub and scrub. Still a lot to be done but I was feeling optimistic finally until I happened to notice the house next door: a rental which has been a pain in our side from day one. A family had moved in the fall and the pool had been cleaned but now, no one was mowing the lawn and the pool was a brown disgusting cesspool. It doesn't matter how much money we throw at our house; no one will buy it with that mess. Back to depression. I could call the community standards police; I could send a letter to the owner at her place of business..what to do? Fortunately today, Steve ran into the property manager who promised the pool would be cleaned before Memorial Day, if not sooner. Steve didn't think to ask about the lawn or get his number so I could hound him..why doesn't he think of these things? So we have to wait for the pool to be cleaned. Bad timing all around. I had made my plans last summer when I had told myself, no more house hunting until this summer.

Not happy.

Today I did nothing with the old house. I weeded here while I watched Tessa. Steve did touch up paint work and reinstalled switchplates, work those painters should have done. He is tired of me asking, why did he OK the work and pay them when they left stuff unfinished? Why oh why? And which one peed all over the toilet seat, which I had to clean the other day though I am suspecting that disgusting old man we fired. So even if I finished cleaning in time (back for the next 4 days doing that) we really can't put the house on the market until the pool is cleaned. I will be so happy when this ordeal is done.

For Mother's Day, Josh had gotten me another bird feeder pole and a humming bird feeder which is now in front of my house. If I am on the porch, I can watch finches and once the hummingbird figures it out, hummingbirds. I have at least two now and they don't like to share. Mr and Mrs Oriole show up several times a day. They must be the prettiest birds of all. Still they bolt if I move even inside the house whereas hummingbirds don't care how close I am.

Before Tessa came, I got a run in very early. Temps in the 40, too cold for the hibiscus which will remain inside for another day. A turkey ran in front of me. I was so stiff and sore from injuring my knee and all the stooping getting up and down from the day before. Later today, I went to my cooking class. A member is not doing well and I should visit....

Somehow I need to relax. This too shall pass; this too shall pass. California should be fun....


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Elephant's Child said...

Sending hugs.
It will indeed pass.


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