Thursday, May 21, 2015

A sea of sea lavender

I am in Lala land staying with a good college friend. Her lawn is  a xeriscape. I love the black sedum.
 The car rental people let me select my own car from a long row of them.  How to start it?  I looked and looked for a gearshift lever.  Turns out I had to turn a small dial to put it in reverse. I didn't think I needed a map because once I got on the main road, all I needed to do is make 2 turns. however a missing sign really complicated things

It is so much fun being with my friend who currently is at a meeting. I should run but here I sit watching her hummingbirds.  I am considering going in her hot tub but I am too lazy and tired to change 
back at home we will have 6 viewings but so far, no offers

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Elephant's Child said...

Love that garden. If you can, put the money pit out of your head for a few days.


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