Monday, May 18, 2015

Git'er done

8 days ago, my lone robin nestling had no feathers. It has tripled in size. Maybe today it will fly away

Still had time to get Barn Sale art. With its greens and browns, master bedroom?

This was thrown in for free.  The flower looks amateurish but the matting might be useful.

Napoleon, a very feisty bantam rooster whose flock of hens are 3 times his size

Official real estate listing showing our repainted living room. Remember the orange and blue wall paper?

Kitchen's the same though paint is not peeling and new windows and sink (and faucets)

Dark bannister gone

No more yellowish paint but a pale almond. Lilac in bloom though quince hedge finished last week. Dogwood is in bloom in back (dogwood at new house might be dead)

lower level

Josh's old room with original wall paper though new paint

Using my vintage marbles to stabilize vase. I had them as a child (elaborate marble mazes were all the rage). I think the marbles belonged to my father
So busy. Right now I should be out buying stuff for my trip. Top on my list is a strapless bra. Hope I can find one that works. And with my probable one breast reduction and one breast enlargement in the fall, it won't get much use. But traffic is probably heavy right now so I'll go out later.

After a week of intensive cleaning and fix ups jobs (and 3 months of outside labor), we put the house on the market today though I want her to redo some of her photos (not the ones shown). With the lighting, our master bedroom looks bright yellow, not ecru and it looks like we have an orange counter top (not cocoa brown) in our bathroom. If I had time, I would have reviewed her photos while she was there. but I had a hair appointment so I was out of there. Still how hard is it to take a decent photo? And I had to rewrite her listing. Yep I am a pain in the neck. A huge downside is that she just doesn't understand Ann Arbor's market. Ann Arbor is special, doesn't she realize that?Steve personally visited 'the comps' and saw that our house, even before its cosmetic make over looked way better than most of these comps and if you know Steve, he really hates the house and is not the least attached. So we had an argument. She wanted a low price and we wanted a higher price. I left annoyed though ultimately, it was our choice.

I think maybe we should have waited for after Memorial Day to list as people are too busy planning the weekend. Plus the property person next door promised the pool would be clean by then.

As the week progressed, I did feel better because I kept thinking we are almost done. And Josh helped us yesterday for 4 hours with things we couldn't handle. How to install a new doorbell? How to put those light fixtures back up? And he sawed down a tree he always hated.

My bicycle riding program came to a halt. Just no time but I did run excepting the day I was busily cancelling credit cards and going crazy about the missing wallet that fortunately was found. Yesterday, I was out there before 7 in the fog (since we are in a low lying area, I figured the fog would be gone when I made the big climb out of here; wrong). But it was nice when I wasn't worrying about being roadkill (need some blinking lights). Cool and windless. The air redolent of cloves from all the honeysuckle. (isoeugenol for my chemistry fans). 25 miles in less than 2 hours.
Later, it was sunny, 86 and very humid. That's when I was working in the yard at the old, so hot. But with our very early start, and extra help, I had a 2 hour period that I could just sit on my porch doing a puzzle (no time for those lately). Suddenly I hear a sound like a rusty door hinge amplified a hundred times over. I figured it was a bird nearby but couldn't see it. Later a friend came over and it started up with its loud call again. though still it could not be seen. My friend said she has one in her yard, a red bellied woodpecker. I did play a tape of it online and assuming its call is unique, that's what it is. And wrens are in my gourd, not gold finches. The female goldfinch sort of looks like one though the wren is smaller and less colorful. But it can sing better.

So  I had an hour today in which I was just sitting having my hair suck up pigment while my hair dresser multitasked. She operates way out in the country so it's an interesting drive. Hawks killed her bantam hens so she has 7 new potential egg layers living in her house giving off funky smells. Next week, she will introduce them to the existing flock.

Where oh where is Agoura Hills? I fumbled around our many shoeboxes looking for the maps that at one time I had organized. Why do we have a street map of Gloucester, MA? Finally I found a map of LA county. Leaving soon. Yippy!


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I really don't know how you cope. I would be bat-shit crazy (more?) by now.
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