Thursday, October 30, 2014

what to do with 2500 photos?

Well I have been back for 24 hours and still haven't adjusted to our time. Only a small portion of our photos made it to the iPad. We loaded all of them to the computers and then I did a very stupid thing: I tried to upload a photo editor that came with a browser hijacker. Hours spent trying to remove it. The antivirus stuff I have, no help.The hijack program took over Chrome so I had to delete that. I do have Internet Explorer which is not compatible with Blogger so until I sort this out, back to the iPad. I am never downloading a program again and my computer will be replaced by a Mac. Before this all happened, I did clean up my blog. Now it will be messy. 

I ran for the first time in 2 weeks out at dawn in the crisp cool air. I felt fine despite this trip taking a toll on my body. I am all bloated and seem to have some bladder infection which made the second week of the trip very unpleasant needing a bathroom every hour or so and they are few and far apart. Saw Shanna and Tess and later Naomi and Maya. Dealt with some issues here. At some point I will write about this trip before I forget everything.   Just dealing with the photos is time consuming. I did process about a days worth. Steve will take 5 variations of the same thing so I need to select the best. Also only a few iPhone photos do the scenery justice. These here are from what we stored on the iPad. I think our day in Burano was my favorite time.

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Elephant's Child said...

LOVE that colour. Vibrant, exciting.
It would be hard to get an attack of the 'greys' there. And yes, processing the zillion photos is always hard.


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