Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In Milano

Things could be better.  I am in a train cafe waiting for the train. Some smooth talking guy offered to 'help' me use the machine to buy a ticket. Not only did I get a ticket that leaves later than I want, he took my change claiming it was his for helping, about $4. Lesson learned

Steve left JFK 3 hours past me. He should be on his way here now if he figures things out.

However people have been nice excepting the scam artist. Ladies shared their Buffalo Wings with me on the way to JFK, lots of excited and friendly other passengers including my seat mate who came to Milano with me. Also on the Malpensa express train with us was a friendly Frenchman who happened to be an aviation expert. He showed us a photo of our plane's wing. It appeared wet. Water?

Not at 35,000 feet! It's leaking jet fuel!!!

He told someone and they just shrugged. Hope this isn't the plane we returned on. (we returned on an Alitalia jet not a Delta jet...better food and movies if you love Italian cinema)

And I forgot so much Italian. I feel helpless, especially with all the scam artists lurking about.

At least my lunch was good

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