Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fun filled fall nights

Our friend lives at the end of a very long private drive that goes by
corn fields and then through the woods

The sun was setting as we drove up and all the fields were golden

Her house has a wraparound deck. Down the hill is a private lake

Dinner table set attractively for us
Last night was the umpteenth meeting of our postpartum group aka The Moms. There are five of us as can been seen on the side bar. Babies are now 35 years old, way older than we were when we first met. I was 26 and was exactly in the middle agewise. I had the only girl, Shanna, who they thought was a boy as I didn't believe in dressing babies up as pretty pink princesses (and possibly getting a second life out of these clothes if I ever were to have a boy). Unless it is at my house, which it was for the past 2 meetings, I bring dessert but as I am been going crazy making last minute arrangements for The Trip and I knew at best I would be home yesterday for only a few hours, I bought it. We always have wine, 3 reds and 2 whites and occasionally, a special drink. Last night creamy limoncello.

Alas my friend's Rhode Island Reds have fell victim to an extremely dexterous raccoon. There are plenty of coyotes yipping around but coyotes, clever as they are, probably can't neatly undo a series of latches. She will start over as soon as a raccoon proof enclosure can be devised. In the meantime, we were encouraged to run over any raccoon  we saw as we wound through her primordial forest as we left.

The fields are so golden now especially as evening approaches (way too early for me).

The Mom whose son is getting married in late spring finally found the perfect dress, which she modeled.

So over lots of interesting appetizers, shrimp salad sliders, butternut squash soup, tasty salad, we laughed and shared stories.

Good times.

I'm not panicking yet over all the little details that need to be taken care of before The Big Trip but give me time when I realize that there is no time left.

Pretty but cold out. Josh has promised a visit.

And finally, my pumpkin within a pumpkin, one year apart

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