Monday, October 20, 2014

Someone hates Anthony and the Half baked Duomo

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday we were in this sleepy quiet town and now we are in this noisy, bustling city. The air conditioning doesn't work so the window is open. Outside are people yelling on the piazza and it sounds like someone is moving furniture. The internet only works in the lobby (I am hoping this is saved off line), the shower is so small I couldn't bend down to pick up my dropped shampoo and worse, Steve is mad at me for not tightening the cap on MY toothpaste which made a mess in MY suitcase. Meanwhile I bit my tongue when he didn't bring a cash card. I brought one but if somehow it gets damaged, we are in big trouble.

We were off to a bad start as soon as we got off the train. Some man kept grabbing my suitcase saying I help you. I said no pushing him away but he persisted following us. Soon other 'helpful' men got in our face. Way worse than Milan though I was alone then. It put both of us on edge. Then the streets had no signs. I thought we were on the right street but I certainly didn't want to ask anyone.

I've read that Bologna doesn't have many visitors. Ha, I never seen such crowds. But the buildings are interesting and some quite beautiful. The Duomo is very strange. Only about 10% of the marble facade was put on, the rest ugly gray brick. We did visit another church, Santo Pietro that is stunningly beautiful inside.

So on their top attraction, the Fontana di Nettuno, someone put a Fuck You Anthony sign 15 feet high in Neptunes hand. The police tried to take it down with a pole with a hook on it. Too short, then they put on another length of pole using duct tape, the pole kept bending in two. A crowd was gathering with many videos being taken. Finally the sign came down to much applause. 

This place is supposed to be a foodie paradise but we must have picked the wrong restaurant. 
 Tomorrow we go to Firenze in hopefully a quieter place

Half of the Duomo facade was put on with nothing on the sides. They've been working on this for 700 years. Note the size

Fontana di nettuno complete with Fuck You Anthony sign

Couldn't see it in the last photo?

across from our hotel, a shopping mall festooned with angels

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