Friday, October 24, 2014


That was the local headlines. Venerdi Nero! Black Friday! The vaporetti workers and the postal workers went on strike for a day. I don't know why but every few months this happens. 'Essential' routes will continue. Was our excursion to Burano essential? Hard to tell from the Website. We could see no Vaporetti on the Grand Canal, usually chock full of them. Finally a useful person said they never cut off the outer islands and told me the magic place we had to find. So many twists and dead ends and bridges. You wouldn't believe what a maze this place is but we ended up in a working section of Venice with reasonable prices. No crowds either. The boat ride was beautiful. we could have stopped at Murano or Torcello but Burano was supposed to be the prettiest with each building brightly colored. We took more photos today than any other day. Perfect weather. Later after we ate, we went for a stroll through the interior and along the parts of the Grand canal that are accessible by foot. Bello!

in the morning, we went to the open markets, so many colorful fruit..and the fish market. The app does not let me caption photos so these posts will need to be cleaned up when I return...subito.

Rialto market earlier in the day

Venetian masks everywhere. Brought one home

We loved the colorful houses in Burano

My favorite photo I took (as opposed to those of Steve's)

Beautiful door in Venice

This couple were models. They kept cropping up in various parts of Burano

Church near where we got on the boat to Burano. Rick Steve's does not have it on his map even though it is big and beautiful

murano chandilier

Our hotel was a block away from the Rialto Bridge in the San Marco district

Detail on a Venetian building

How many bridges in Venice? Hundreds..

San Moises at night

more masks

scallops with their egg sacs

big tuna

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