Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Good Golly Miss Maya

When Naomi was pregnant, she put her toddler photo in a morphing program along with one of Maya's father. The image on the left is the predicted baby and on the left is Maya today. Why would the program predict blue eyes?And furthermore, why did it predict a child with one ear an inch higher than the other?

Maya's dad recently took a video of Maya shooting baskets at a Chuckie Cheese. She did amazingly well with a perfect jump shot. Alas stupid Galaxy phones don't send videos to other phones except other Galaxies (and convert photos to unusable tiny versions if messaged). I did get the video onto Facebook. If Steve could use his crappy phone to put it on Youtube, then I can share it.

The above photos are out of focus because she just won't sit still.

How I despaired when I learned of her existence! I wrote some pity party blogs but took them down not long after I posted them. Naomi does not regret having her for a second even though her life is now very difficult because of it. I love my little, beautiful free spirit. Recently I heard that someone disparaged my mothering skills. I couldn't be too good of a mother because my daughter became pregnant as a teenager although Naomi was technically an adult. I couldn't go on locking her up. Irony: this was told to one of my children that by every measure could be considered a success. Don't I get credit for that?

She did go to the dentist yesterday. This time no cavities so that ends a potential many visit ordeal that was experienced last year.

A very busy week ahead. And lots of little things to take care off.

Recently a well known children's book illustrator (though I never heard of him) has been doing chalk drawings on Ann Arbor's sidewalks. Below taken from the AA News:

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