Thursday, October 16, 2014

spritzi on lago Garda

 On our first night in Desenzano,  we go to a cute cafe. After a very hard day, I want a drink. I am offered a spritz.  I assume it's wine diluted with acqua frizzante but thankly not. It's a wonderful melange of prosecco, some bitter orange liquor called Aperol and  soda. I've been drinking them at every chance I get.  And so has everyone else. (and it is two weeks later..I bought some Aperol to make spritzi here for my friends)

waterfront Desesanzo

7 beagle babies and one tired momma. They wanted us to pet them

Milano Centrale

we thought this building was so cool. Desanzano looked so pretty, we couldn't imagine any town prettier but then there were plenty

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