Saturday, October 25, 2014

City in Pink........Verona!

The sidewalks and many of the buildings are made of pink marble. Still they shine pink lights on their Roman forum, third biggest in Europe, built around 100 AD. Lots of Roman ruins everywhere including the stone bridge.  Our restaurant served several horse eat dishes along with donkey. Earlier in the day, we found a butcher shop featuring horse meat. so below,wifi permitting, is a mix of Verona and Venice. Captions to be added later.
Roman  forum at night: 3rd largest in Europe

Venetian palazzo  from our vaporetto

End of the alley way our hotel was on

horse meat seller in Venice

Devotionl column: Verona

Roman ruins: Verona

Bridge of Sighs and the Doge Palazzo from our vaporetto

Rialto Market clock. Note it is good for 24 hours, not 12

View from the vaporetto: San Marco's duomo and Doge Palazzo

Forgot what Venetian church this is

Verona from high up in the Romn Ruins. This is the Ponte Pietra: stone bridge built 100 AD

fancy lamps in Venetian store

Accademia bridge Venice

Veron window

In front of the church Salute

weathervane on Salute

tomb in Verona

Dinner place in Verona: we passed on the many horse dishes and one donkey dish.

whale bone in entrance to Piazza Erbe


Elephant's Child said...

How very beautiful. I have been largely absent from the blogosphere and can see I am going to have to trawl through your (and other people's) back posts.
I hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful time.

Holly said...

Pinktober in Verona! Did you eat horse or donkey??

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Passed on that opportunity Holly, along with donkey pasta and the tripe. We did have some wonderful food.


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