Friday, October 10, 2014

Apple selecting

From my bike ride yesterday. This is the road that runs behind my house lined with maples

Tessa loved the animals at the apple orchard today

Very bright light

I rode for miles through tree canopies yesterday. Unfortunately oaks aren't colorful.And the dappled
light means another game of shadow or pothole


Really wished the bars weren't there. The peacock's colors were so pretty in the light

After a bumper crop last year, a poor crop for apples this year. No picking from the tree; kids got to select one apple

They also got to select a pumpkin

On our wagon ride with fellow preschoolers

With Dracula

I know she looks too serious in these photos but most of the time she was laughing
I do love fall even if it means that drab, soul sucking winter is about to come. Today we had frost! Upside, too cold for the yellow jackets who frequent apple orchards. Last week, Tessa's field trip was postponed due to thunderstorms until today. Shanna had already agreed to work at Oliver's school so I took Tessa. It was fun. Lots of things to see for little ones plus cider and doughnuts. Fortunately the 'hay'ride had no hay so I won't be sneezing all day.

I once had an English teacher who disliked the use of the word 'pick' when one was to select between a variety of options. Pick was to be used only in the most literal sense. You can pick peas, pick your nose but you couldn't pick the best candidate in her book. Well yesterday, Tessa did not pick apples; she selected one.

Afterwards, a mani/pedi so I'll be stylin' in Milan (actually name of a place in Milan, MI). Sparkly pumpkin nails. Yesterday we went to Trader Joe's and OMG!, everything was pumpkin flavored even the macaroons I came for (do NOT like pumpkin).

And a first. The nail lady insisted that I do something with my scraggly all over the place eye brows. Usually my bangs hide them but now they are too short and the brows are on full display. Ouch! is all I can say.

In a couple of hours, the fun continues at one of the Mom's farm.
Not long after I posted this photo on this blog, Google plus enhanced it. Personally I thought my top photo with the flaming maples was better

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