Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sugar Maples

I took a similar photo here 2 days before. More color today

From the noirth

The main boulevard in our neighborhood. In the median strip are flowering crabs, not pictured. Not so pretty now

Japanese maple with anemones (?) in front 

Usually I hate the glare and shadows of the strong sun (note no clouds) but here it worked out

I was hoping more of the trees around the pond would have turned
In the big woods in our neighborhood, Sugarbush Park, are ginormous sugar maples. However they are still green. We presumably have a sugar maple too (though I bet it's really a Norway maple but two foresters said it was a sugar). Still green. But the young maples have turned and look so pretty. I will be gone when the big ones do. After my run yesterday, I trolled through the neighborhood on my bike photographing the color. Some of the beauty was impossible to capture but I tried. Once it warms up, I'll be back on my bike going out into the country where the big trees are more likely to be oaks and walnuts and not so colorful.

At the edge of the woods though you can see the big sugars sticking out. Apparently old maples take longer to change colors. It will be beautiful when I am gone

We had a visit from Allie in the afternoon. Now walks about 8 steps holding her arms out like Frankenstein.

We won! We won! We won! UM fans are used to winning so when we lost 3 in a roll, all sorts of moaning ensued. And last night, they played a team that beat a team they just lost too. And all the quarterbacks are injured. UM's literally limped slowly to the field. Fortunately transitivity in football does not apply. Despite all this racket about boycotting games, 113000+ showed up, including Miss Naomi. How she was able to go remains murky.

And just who is this 'we'?

Below what she texted me:
At the start

Somewhat later. Our whole town can fit into the stadium which I think is the largest, except maybe the Rose Bowl, in the country

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