Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Andiamo, i miei amici

First stop, Lake Garda
Then the Dolomites
Then Bologna (decided NOT to listen to Rick Steves
Then Firenze
Then Ravenna, mosaic capital of the world. Looking most forward to this place
Then Venice
Then Verona
And finally back to Milano
Only the photo of Ponte Vecchio in Firenze and the Duomo roof in Milano are mine. Others stolen from the internet. Will replace hopefully with my own. Maybe we have too many stops but there is just so much to see. I tried to mix natural beauty with manmade beauty. And there will be a variety of cuisines and languages! Mainly Italian but German and Ladino in the mountains. Will it be cold up there? Au contaire, it will be in the high 70s when we are there.

All packed....did I forget anything?

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