Thursday, October 23, 2014


This morning we went for one last walk in Ravenna seeing mosaics that were under water in a church. To light up for a minute, you put in an euro. On to Dante's tomb. He was a Florentine but was exiled to Ravenna. After his death, the Florentines wanted him back so Ravenna hid his bones. Took 300 years to find him.
We had a short layover in Ferrara but managed to see some stuff power walking with our rolling suitcases..
On to Venezia. Actually found the hotel quickly, a minor miracle given that we got lost in a village with 3 streets. Clerk quickly annoyed me by converting my bill to dollars with a big exchange free. My credit card does this for free. I insisted she redo it. But I already did it... Nope you need to do it again. The restaurant cheated us later adding on all sorts of things. I at least with much effort got the exchange fees taken off ripping up the bill.
But so lovely otherwise. Was at San Marcos piazza at the golden hour and took a vaporetto at sunset in the Grand Canal.
San Salute

Accademia Bridge

underwater mosaics in Ravenna Needed to insert 1 euro to see them for a minute

all marzipan

Murano glass everywhere

Rialto Bridge a block away from our hotel

Our venetian room. Not pictured: cool glass lights and modern bathroom

Inside San Marco

Art glass

San Marco

San Marco piazza

Somehow Steve cut the top off the Bridge of Sighs

Back in Ravenna: a 1960 Citroen. It appears to rest on the ground but lifts up when driven. My step-Grandmother's best friend brought hers to Ann Arbor. Lots of stares

Love fruit jellies. Later I bouhgt less fancy ones in Milan

From our evening vaporetto ride

sacred and profane

San Marco's ceilings

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