Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When Shoulder Pads were Big

Parents' Night: Josh  is in first grade and Steve and I are the same age as Shanna is now. And she
 now has a son
who started first grade TODAY. Steve is wearing his Old Kent Riverbank  25K shirt and I've got my
 big glasses and shoulder pads. Everyone in the "Bears" reading group sits together
His teacher took the photo but seems unfamiliar with how to include heads of people taller than

It is so humid right now and about to storm...again. I had just a little time to get a run in 
before Maya's teachers came for a home visit. In my hurry, I grabbed Steve's running shirt
 instead of my own. He was not amused. Maya froze up again confronted with a new face
 but soon was building towers with Miss Phyllis as she wants to be called. Naomi was to
 set goals for Maya but then set goals for herself. Presumably she will get help in attaining them. 

Where Josh was camping in Western Iowa, a tornado touched down 15 miles away.
 They were treated with hail, torrential ran and winds. He didn't bother to put my tent up
 but instead stayed with someone with a pop-up tent in a truck trunk. Still he had fun,.

Shoulder pads. I am not blessed with the wide shoulders that Steve and the kids have
 so the pads were actually a help. Not long after this photo,they went out of style
 (along with the acid washed jeans we all are wearing and my pleated pants). I tried
 to extend the life of some of my tops by taking them out. It is not obvious in this photo 
(pleated pants!!!) but I actually am quite thin. I had just did my 400 mile bike ride in 4
 days and would run my last marathon in 2 months. Still not nearly thin as I would be 5 y
ears later when I had Graves' Disease.

Below is Oliver's first day in 1st grade

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Elephant's Child said...

I remember shoulder pads well. I have broad shoulders and they make me look like a sumo-wrestler wannabe.
Love your memories though.


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