Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Watermelon Art

Julie's creation from the other day: watermelon dog
From our cruise 2 years ago

Not a watermelon but I liked the cauliflower bunny

Various creations from the world wide web

while I was searching for watermelon photos from the cruise folder, I came across this from St. Maarten

Me waiting for our number to be called so we could get off the ship
By this time time today, I expected to be on the road heading for Grand Rapids. Instead I sit in front of the computer in my robe with my coffee being distracted by looking at photo folders eliminating duplicates of photos (do I need twenty photos of the same sunset...no!). It is cold and drizzly though it would be dry on the western part of the state, my friend prefers to await tomorrow's warmth.

Easily distracted me, I wondered if Julie's watermelon dog had hit the image search results yet. She got her idea from Pinterest. I didn't find her dog but I did find zillions of other watermelon creations and then I decided to include our cruise watermelon carvings...
Yep I am easily distracted.

I will finish my train plans today. I found a site that handles all of Europe. I did all of today's running yesterday but maybe today I could do tomorrow's running. I got my bike back yesterday. They did not charge me for the new, stronger wheel but they charged me for labor and replacing some rim tape they said was faulty. I could argue that the faulty rim tape should be covered under warranty but agreed that the hours making phone calls to the Cannondale people on my behalf should cover it. Still it makes me nervous that the bike broke down twice in 2 months whereas Josh's bike, which we have been riding for almost 20 years has only needed to be serviced once (though it needs a new pedal...Josh will love my duct taped creation when I give him the bike this week).

One more: me on Grand Turk:

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Elephant's Child said...

Love, and admire, the watermelon creations. And know that they are beyond me.


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