Monday, September 8, 2014

The Status Woe

Northern town that "Status Woe" is from
Do you ever wonder what is going on in the mind of a killer? Someone about to attempt suicide and prolicide? (Strangely, there is no specific term for the killing of a daughter..filicide is killing of a son but prolicide is for offspring of any sex).

A woman from the very town of my indecent proposal of 2 months past kept a blog The Status Woe detailing her frustrations of dealing with a 14 year old autistic daughter. Her daughter was cute and manageable as a young child but once she hit adolescence, she became very violent lashing out at anyone who told her No. She became not cute, smelly, overweight and  very strong. The mom was covered with bruises and scratches from her abusive daughter. She was kicked out of most programs. She was placed in an intensive inpatient behavior modification program but after a while, the insurance ran out and the girl was returned home with no where else to place her. On the day of the last entry of the blog, with no hint of what was to come, the mom told the daughter that they were going camping. After giving her daughter a sedative, she lit two charcoal burners inside their closed van presumably to suffocate the both of them with carbon monoxide. She sent an alarming text to the husband, principal of the school my friend and I camped at in July, who immediately summoned the police to follow the cell phone signal. Both were saved at the last minute though the daughter was in a coma for 4 days. The mom was arrested for attempted murder.

Let the public weigh in. She has plenty of supporters as she hosted a popular local radio show. She hired a lawyer who was going to defend her on grounds of temporary insanity caused by post-traumatic stress syndrome though she seems quite rational in her last blog entry. She clearly was frustrated not knowing what to do with her daughter. Most people cast her as a villain though. Who would try to kill their own daughter? Ultimately she plea bargained to first degree child abuse and is awaiting sentencing. Her husband has left her and sold the story to People Magazine. No word on how he is handling the daughter.

It is a beautiful Indian Summer day perfect for a long run on the scenic beauty road. Maya came over before she was whisked off to her school orientation. Meanwhile I plot various iternaries for my upcoming trip. Ljublijana, Slovenia isn't far from Venice. And I did find a train route to Lake Garda so that's a possibility.

Julie took Allie to her daycare today only to find a sign on the door saying it was closed due to no power (aftermath of that storm Friday). Did they think to warn the parents ahead of time? This is the final straw as far as she's concerned.

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Elephant's Child said...

That poor woman. And her daughter. Support for people caring for those with disabilities is so peace-meal and frequently completely inadequate.


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