Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn Dreams

The many maples in our neighborhood are starting to change  Sugar maple or Norway Maple...who knows?
Josh had a dream the other night that I died of cancer. I guess it seemed quite real as he woke up very upset and called me to ask how my most recent check-up was. Not for another 2 months and besides, I am out of the immediate danger zone as it has been 6 years. He then started lecturing me on my bad habits, wine drinking and eating badly though I am not sure how he intuits I eat badly other than I am overweight. Oh if only nagging worked!We'd all be thin and perfect.

I had an airport dream the other night with gates switched at the last second, running to that one only to have it switched  again and again. I awoke all tense and anxious until I realized it was a dream. Why can't I have nice dreams? And why can't I sleep at night?

I wanted to get out very early while it still was cool to run a long way as tomorrow, I ll be out of town and no time to run then. Unfortunately I faced rush hour traffic, lots of it. Some even was on my scenic beauty road. We had Maya this morning as Naomi was at the dental school for more than 3 hours. No cavities at least and they removed a wire retainer that was supposed to be removed 6 years ago. Unfortunately her badly placed wisdom teeth all need to be taken out as they are causing bone loss. And no insurance will cover it though she is on a long waiting list to at least get reduced rates. I crossed campus traffic during an apparent class change. Made me want to run a few of them over as they darted in front of me, not in cross walks.

Today is Miss Allie's actual birthday. More photos:

Yesterday they went to a cider mill near their house, the same one my grandfather would  stop at on the way to our house in the suburbs.

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Elephant's Child said...

Dreams can be such powerful things can't they?
And if you find a way to sleep at night - pass it on. Please.


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