Thursday, September 4, 2014

Grand baby trifecta

Maya wearing her birthday tutu. Naomi usually has her hair in a bun but here is her full fro. Note red highlights
Also note the wallpaper that the Realtor said really has to go

Oliver returning from his first full day of school. The bus stop is next to the playground where we waited for a long time for the bus to get its act together  Steve asked why did I put a cross through his head.

blurry Allie


Summer is still here despite the pool closings and the return of school. The other evening, I was invited to drink wine with a friend watching her hummingbirds battle (she has more than I do). The day's heat had dissipated so it was quite pleasant.

Yesterday I saw all all the grandchildren in 3 separate venues. We watched Maya in the morning while Naomi went to an appointment. Maya begged to drink juice with a straw while she watched Frozen for the umpteenth time. Purple juice! Well, my bad. Soon she snuck upstairs to get a tissue...juice all over the place.

Then off to a mani-pedi in the community where Shanna lives I tried to get a appointment but they didn't answer the phone but I decided to go as a walk-in. Where was my favorite person? Oh not in today. No one seemed familiar. It turns out the place was sold a couple of weeks ago and everyone is new and a new phone number. My favorite person is not ever coming back though the new lady did a good job. Now I have sparkly fire engine red nails.

Then my visit to Shanna and her children and then off to Josh's. Even though there are roads almost every mile in Southern Michigan, strangely many remain unpaved despite the huge increase in development. To go to Josh's from Shanna's using expressways means going out of the way  10  miles, which I refuse to do. Plus as it turned out, one of the expressways was not moving at all. My goal was to get there efficiently without consulting a map and using a minimum of unpaved roads. I think I succeeded with only 2 miles of backtracking and 2 miles of a not so bad dirt road (the road that the yaks live on) A good portion of my trip was part of my bike ride the other day in reverse.

Julie is gone for work so Josh had Allie to deal with himself. I went to help as Allie can be very demanding.

During the other day while I awaited the home visit from Maya's teachers, I decided to pull a bunch of noxious weeds from the entrance to the condo. I am fairly sure that they were not poison ivy but that night a few  itchy bumps appeared on my hand. Maybe someone sprayed some sort of poison on them? Still itches but it did not spread all over my body as poison ivy will do.

Tomorrow it will be my turn to host the Moms...what to make?


Paula Kaye said...

Great pictures of the grandkids. And it sounds like you have a wonderfully busy day

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Thank you Paula. As you probably know, I've been following your story. I am so sorry for the pain you are feeling losing your beloved husband. I did enjoy the photo montage of his life you posted today.

Elephant's Child said...

Awww. And if they melt my heart (and they do), yours must often be a soggy puddle of love.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Yes they do EC. It is fun to see them learn new things each day..the miracle of growing up.


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