Monday, September 22, 2014

Purple carrots

There they are, the purple carrots. A bit smaller than the orange ones. According to the sign, they are sweeter
Before we went on our house exploring trip, we stopped at the farm market on my bicycle route. Still have lots of cheddar cauliflower. I bought one that must weigh 10 pounds. Huge. I bought some of their sweet white and yellow corn for dinner along with some bright yellow pattypans that I fried up with peppers, garlic and bacon. What I didn't buy was their monster zucchini, purple carrots and orange beets. Not a fan of beets, red or yellow. Orange is the new red. Naomi came along for the ride. She played with the pygmy goats and the burros that I had taken Maya to see once, who wanted no part of them.

All week Steve has been badgering me  telling me about this one house..better than M&S, cheaper, ideal... I agreed to see it in the spirit of having an open mind but reminding him We Are Not Ready.
And it was nothing special. It sat on nice land and was new but was...boring.

But then I agreed to see something that was, imho, out of our price range. It was a custom Arts and Crafts house sitting pretty on top of a hill surrounded by patios,a fire pit, and beautiful gardens. This house, smaller than many we've looked at, would be perfect, except the price (and although its not as far as some, still not where I want it). See some images below:

And it looks much better in person than in these photos. Lots of other people were looking too but maybe its uniqueness was what they wanted to see. What would have to happen to make this house ours? Stay on the market until we return and drastically reduce the price.

Later, Maya returned from her weekend away all crabby. She liked the corn, nice and sweet.

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Elephant's Child said...

House hunting is a foretaste of hell. Good luck. Lots and lots of luck.


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