Monday, September 15, 2014

Playdate with twins

Hard to get 3 little ones to sit still. They looked so adorable in their matching purple tutus
My sweet friend from my yoga and cooking class lives in the same town as Shanna, is just a couple years older, and has twins 11 months younger than Miss Tess. We arranged a playdate this morning. Shanna baked banana bread; our friend baked banana bread..we are off to a good start with lots of banana bread. The twin who I thought was the shyer one was today the most bold, willing to let both Shanna and I hold her while her sister suspiciously watched. What was their favorite toy to play with? Whatever someone grabbed first.

Did I exercise today? Inner nag just won't shut up but I then looked on my exercise calendar. The last day I took 'off' was 2 months ago, the day I drove back from Maryland. So I am due for a break. 

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Elephant's Child said...

They do look cute.
Your inner nag sounds as if she has you pretty well under control. Enjoy your day off - guilt free.


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