Saturday, September 20, 2014

Oil and Wasps don't mix

Oh no! Wasps!!!!What should we do?
Come fall, the annoying wasps are looking for sugar. This year we don't have the little mean wasps as we did chemical warfare on their huge underground lair in the middle of my rock garden. But the larger and just as mean yellow jackets are starting to siphon from the hummingbird feeder. Not only do they scare the hummers away (yep they are still around) but occasionally they drown leading to a nasty mess of rotting wasps. The trusty ant trap keeps the ants out of there (who are amazing at locating sugar sources) but wasps can bypass it. I read somewhere they hate oil on their legs. Yesterday I noticed them for the first time this year hunkered down at the feeder. I tried to shoo them away so I could spread cooking oil around the openings. They flew at my face but I managed not to get stung. Twenty four hours later, I've yet to see one land and the hummers now can sip in peace at least from the wasps. There is no peace with competing hummers dive bombing each other.

During the night (insomnia!!!) I read blogs of all sorts. One woman had a huge underground yellow jacket nest where she and her dog frequently go by. She wanted to kill them 'humanely' and without chemicals as both of them were getting stung. So she put 2 clear glass bowls over the opening during the night. The outer bowl she sealed as she was too afraid to seal the inner bowl without wasps flying in her face. In the morning, the wasps could see the sun and tried to get out and couldn't. She took a disgusting photo with wasps all over the inside bowl. So eventually they will starve or bake to death if they don't go back into their nest. Not sure how humane this was.

Another blog I read is Mennonite girls can cook!. )I never doubted they could cook but I didn't know they could use the computer. Look to them for some good recipes..

The  new iphones came out yesterday which certain family members have been eagerly awaitng. I was about to jump on the bandwagon too as all my contacts mysteriously disappeared the other day. As it was not the first time, this time I was prepared. But I am waiting. Josh needed his delivered to him but at least we saw Allie. Then at night, I was treated to a nice dinner and a pleasant evening so...good!

Somethings this week that happened were not so good but in view of others' news (new brain mets, hoped for liver mets treatment can't be done, death in the family, job loss..all to different people) I guess I shouldn't complain.

More Allie from the studio. Again, until we get the 'real' photos, these strangely marked photos will have to do. Included is the cupcake that they could not take away from her quietly.


Lisa said...

I lived in a Mennonite community during the early 80"s. PC's were just coming on the market and many of them already had them. There was no internet at the time, so they were used just for business. Oh man! Can they ever cook. I was a bit proud of myself when they would ask for one of recipes. I keep hoping Mennonite Girls Can Cook will post a good zwieback recipe. If it is gluten free... even better.

Elephant's Child said...

Allie is a cutie - and obviously appreciated that cake.
Insomnia? I am so sorry. There is a reason far too many cultures use sleep deprivation as a torture. It is.


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