Friday, September 19, 2014

Hot Tub

Hot tub! Ha! Da!
Ah-full of water!
I say hot tub! Ha!
Day! Ba! Very, very hot... Very hot! Da!
Hot tub! Gonna get ya hot-a!
Gonna make ya sweat! Hey! Say!
Hot tub! Rub a dub in the hot tub!
Rub a dub with me!

Eddie Murphy - Celebrity Hot Tub Party Lyrics |

I can't think of hot tubs without remembering Eddie Murphy's rendition of a James Brown song. What was James Brown's original song? Hot something or other. Hot pants?

It was very relaxing. It would have been more relaxing if I wasn't stewing about the pre-schools latest antic: denying Maya a bus pass. Why? It turns out that Naomi is missing some paperwork. She checked several times to make sure they had everything. She was told that they do and if she didn't, they would let her know. So instead of 2 weeks ago, they let her know yesterday when they were distributing the bus passes. Maya still can go to school but it's 40 miles of driving daily. Naomi has very  little money as most of the kids' parents in the program. Do they care? No. Incompetent idiots! The school district operates a preschool right in our neighborhood but it will not provide the special services Maya needs there. If all goes well, Maya might get her bus pass Tuesday. We are relying on Maya's doctor, currently on maternity leave, signing off to her good health and complete immunization records.

So a cool pretty day again, so nice for being outside. Last week, Josh and Julie arranged for Allie's first year family portraits. One photo involved Allie confronting a large birthday cupcake. As soon as it was near her, she attacked with her mouth and both hands shoveling as fast as possible as much cake into her mouth as possible. The photographer in all her years never saw such an intense feeding frenzy. I am supposed to be sent the photos 'soon'. Hmph. But a family portrait was pasted on Facebook:

Update: I was sent a series of thumbnails. The only way to download them was to take a screen shot with my phone then email them to my computer to convert to a JPEG by opening with paint. Not user friendly! But she is cute:

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Elephant's Child said...

She is very, very cute. I hope the bus pass debacle is resolved quickly.
Hot tub? Not for me. Torture.


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