Thursday, September 18, 2014

Seeing Sedum

Black sedum: although this is my photo, the sedum belongs to my friend in CA in her xeriscape
Somehow it shows up on google hits more than any other of my flower photos

I have lots of sedum in my rock garden. Some species are invasive so I am always pulling it out. This kind, I am encouraging to grow with its light gray leaves

My succulent turtle. Later that day, I filled in ,more of the empty spaces with more sedums (sedia?) and moss
I've been neglecting my rock garden. I tried to remove some of the excess  vegetation yesterday, mainly grass and really fast growing sedums. A beautiful cool, fall day.

On the schedule today: hot tubbing with Naomi. A friend for my birthday got me an hour of hot tubbing. Steve hates it; Naomi loves it. It is near Maya's school and busses don't start for another week  we'll be down there any way.

I still don't have my bike back. The shop and I both agree fixing the spokes will be useless and I did NOT abuse the bike. But there might be a problem getting the manufacturer to uphold the warranty. If they don't up hold the warranty, its name will be in bold letters. Meanwhile I still have the trusty 20 year old bike to ride this morning once the traffic clears.

Although a begonia is not a sedum, I think it looks especially pretty:

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Elephant's Child said...

I am fond of both sedums and begonias - and grow them both. I haven't come across the black sedum though. Thank you - I will track it down.
Good luck with the bike.


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