Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sixth blogiversary

Sandhill cranes on my route this morning. Even though they are big and 20 feet away, you can barely see them despite me blowing this up. Maybe I do need a new phone...
I passed on our version of Cyclovia in which bicyclists get the about to be opened expressway almost to themselves, almost because they will have driverless cars going back and forth. Thunderstorms are predicted this afternoon when it will occur. Already there are west winds at 20 mph with even bigger gusts. Half of the ride will be facing them though maybe being in a big ditch will buffer us. But there was a break in the rain this morning so out I went. If I did Cyclovia, I would have missed the cranes and the vultures. But I also would have missed all the nuts dropping in my walnuts, hickory and butternuts, a downside of biking in the fall. Upside: the west winds didn't start until I was coming back from the west so I had more tail winds than headwinds.

Six years of blogging if you don't count my previous blog, Sue in Italia. In that, my biggest worry was whether I would be gored by the boars I came across in my early morning runs in the mountains and whether I would get any sleep with church bells, right outside my window, going off every 15 minutes. Would I ever be able to roll my 'r's?

So this is my 1986th post in what I originally called Sue in Cancerland and later changed to Escape from Cancerland. It's my blog so I'll whine when I want to, whine when I want to...
In the beginning, I didn't consider that I would have a worldwide audience (160 countries and counting). I sent the link to a few close friends and relatives so I wouldn't have to keep repeating the same sad story. But the story seems to have a happy ending as I  have escaped cancer though there are some lasting effects which I have whined about mentioned previously.

I don't discuss cancer much anymore though I am surrounded my reminders what could happen or could have happened. I remember the worst negative comment I ever received (I didn't post it) was that someone accessed my blog to learn about cancer and all they found was me whining about my husband, who if she were him, should leave me ASAP. (or is it if he were her). For the first year, I had a group of 3 ladies who posted comments daily on my blog and each others (Sharon, Kathy and Renee) Neither has a blog anymore. Later others formed an online support group.

As I said in the "About me" section, this blog has morphed into a photo journal. I am having fun for the most part. My big worrys are no longer about cancer though it will always be in the back of my mind.

What is on today's menu? I agreed to go to an open house reiterating to deaf ears that I do not want to deal with houses for the next 2 months. Some days I wish I never mentioned Moose and Squirrel.


Elephant's Child said...

Happy blogiversary. Six years is quite an achievement, and I love that your blog has evolved (rather faster than most evolution).

Kat&Chris said...

Congrats Sue! Thanks for all of your blogs, photos and your enthusiastic complaints. there is nothing wrong with saying what is on your mind, and I enjoy hearing your thoughts.
Your plant & travel photos and descriptions of everyday events are so vividly written. Love it!
Kathy B

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Thank you Kathy and EC.


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