Friday, September 5, 2014

Cheddar Caulifower

The cauliflower is yellow though not as much as the patty pans. Some years the cauliflower is more orange. Many of these ingredients will be in tonight's Moms dinner

These  are coasters for Allie's birthday. The bear is the same size in each picture yet the baby grows This is Allie at 1,2,5,6,8 and 10 months. Not sure why this is blurry. Her mom does not read my blog. What will a baby do with coasters? Don't worry, I'll get something for her

Weird curly haired pigs that are supposed to be especially tasty. I have tentatively identified them as Mangalitzas. These were a part of the big BBQ Josh attended last weekend in Iowa. They will NOT be a part of tonight's dinner as it will be strictly vegetarian. OK, not so strict as there will be seafood
Two interesting things on yesterdays' bike ride: first a stop at the Moose and Squirrel House. The new buyer must have closed on it last week as it now officially sold. Both Steve and I have been mourning and second guessing our decision to rescind the contract and blaming our realtor for not knowing squat about septic fields. But work has begun on the new septic field. OMG!! What a mess! I knew that  some of the lawn would need to be dug up but they have dug up about 5x the area I would have predicted. Now I regret our decision less.

As it was hot out, I took a water break at my favorite nursery (not much to look at now) but it is also a farmstand having acres nearby devoted to corn, cauliflower and peppers of various sorts. Lots of kinds of squash too. Starting in mid-September, I hound them regularly about the availability of their cheddar cauliflower but it was there yesterday, almost a full month before last year. It tastes especially sweet and I assume the carotene gives it more vitamins. But somehow it seems paler than years past. I hurried back to get my car and money still all sweaty from my ride. Along with the cauliflower, I got lots of peppers, their especially sweet corn, roma tomatoes along with a few other things.. On the dirt road shortcut going home (my scenic beauty road) I passed a string of ten Model Ts with elderly drivers tooling down the road. A strange sight.

Some things taste better prepared a day in advance. In that spirit, I made the homemade sangria already and did lots of chopping and slicing for a salad using the corn, peppers, tomatoes and quinoa. Left to prepare is steaming the cauliflower and making the main dish..a surprise for the few readers who will attend. Moms group hasn't been at my house since our Xmas party. This is our post-partum support group for 35 year old babies. Usually I am the dessert lady but since I am hosting, I provide the main dish along with a few sides. Unfortunately my dreams of us eating outside will dashed by storms. Plus it will be very hot. But I am looking forward to seeing the Moms and the fun that usually ensues. Not looking forward to trying to make this house a tad more presentable and persuading Steve to disassemble his make shift office in the dining room.

I have since dug up a photo of cheddar cauliflower I purchased 2 years ago. Is it more yellow here?


Elephant's Child said...

I don't know Cheddar Cauliflower. I wonder whether we have it here.
What did you make with it? Cauli is one of my favourite vegetables. I have a cauliflower curry recipe that one of our cats (now gone) also loved.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I will just steam it and serve it with butter though with regular cauliflower I've made it au gratin. I also made a fresh corn-quinoa salad with tomatoes and peppers. I will serve crab cakes with a sriracha mayonnaise. If my friends come through, I might make fried green tomatoes. They are bringing appetizers, salad and a dessert and lots of wine though I made sangria.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...
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