Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wedding Dress regrets

What I wanted:  a larger version of Maya's dress only in coral
What I picked out: this silly thing that I got at the last minute
This is what I found this morning in a store window and it was in coral. Not sure if it was in my size. Silly Sue! Plan ahead.
This was an easy-peasy wedding for me as no planning was involved. All I had to do was buy a dress. I scouted one out a few weeks ago at a store that features natural fibers. Alas, when I went to buy it at the last minute, it was gone. I settled on what was pictured above, which perhaps was a little bit too casual and tent-like.

This morning, adjacent to the Farmers' Market (I get there at 7 am, free parking and no crowds) I see the dress I really wanted in the store window. Argh!!!!

No more dahlia bouquets. So pretty but it lasted only 2 days. This time: sturdier sunflowers.

Unusual food item? Artichokes!!!!
There is a rule that all things sold have to be sourced locally so I was surprised to see them. They were very small however. We have our own Amish at the market. However they charge more than twice as much as the PA Amish for similar items.
Ah Ann Arbor.


Teri Bernstein said...

I liked that dress! It is a fabulous color on you as well...

Holly said...

I think everyone looks wonderful - including YOU!


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