Thursday, July 11, 2013

Indian Feathers and other small triumphs

Evening primrose. Don't remember planting these

Patio: not quite as lily filled as I want no thanks to lily eating rabbits

lots of callas though. I guess they taste bad

Forgot what this is called

Red yarrow and lavender

short lived dahlias

Whole fence now covered with impatiens. Noone wants to buy them because of some virus they could be carrying

Indian feather This has spread all over my rock garden. I thought it may be a weed until it finally flowered.
The blossoms look like butterflies as the stems sway in the wind. I notice it comes in bright red too. Maybe next year

I had been discouraged this year as so many of my plants did not survive the winter such as my CA poppies, forget-me-nots, red mullein, rosemary, many lilies, etc. I had planted 90 (!!!!) dwarf iris bulbs. Guess how many survived? Well the squirrels and chipmunks ate well. And one of my peonies failed to sprout. However, I still have some flowers as can be seen above. Also in bloom, for the first time, are my gentian flowers. So pretty.

Finally a not so humid day. Yesterday even at 8 am, it was 80 and 100% humidity. Even so, I biked. So far this year, I have 700 miles under my belt, 55 miles in the last few days (though on the very first day, that is how far we will be going) My biking buddy flies in overnight . Can't wait to see her!

Yesterday I biked within arm's length of 2 deer. They were sort of trapped as the forest was very dense on one side and I was on the other. They just froze. I could have touched them. And the turkey field was full of turkeys again. I didn't stop this time.  Last time I did, they scattered very quickly as I fumbled for my camera.
Finding turkeys all over the place in Southern Michigan seems to be new. I never saw one before down here 5 years ago.

Still have to deal with my tents (packing them up) and handling last minute errands. At night I have gone out with friends for the past 2 days. Another will come tonight.

I have been enjoying myself.

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